Sunday, November 11, 2012

After DO TANK?

In DO TANK Afternoon we shared the ongoing projects of DO TANK program and the after feelings:

Tuija Kokkonen & Sami Säynevirta: PERFORMANCE AS A MEETING POINT FOR HUMANS AND NON-HUMANS - workshop open moment

Tuija Kokkonen, Sami Säynevirta & Sami's dog Kolja / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Tuija Kokkonen invated us to search for the Non-human / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Katrin Dollinger & Gero Tögl: UTOPIA?!

Gero Tögl & Katrin Dollinger / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

10.11.2012 Dear Katrin,

In Pandora’s Hope, Bruno Latour writes:

“I never act; I am always slightly surprised by what I do. That which acts through me is also surprised by what I do, by the chance to mutate, to change, and to bifurcate…”

This might be one of the lessons Tuija’s workshop participants learn, when they deal with non-humans in their performances (whatever ‘performance’ means in this context)...


Pia Lindy & Annuska Dal Maso: MEDIATIONS AT THE FESTIVAL

Pia Lindy sleeping for Africa / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Pia Lindy and Annuska Dal Maso shared their feelings, images and expressions that rose up from the DO TANK events, encounters, performances and themes.


Jacob Wren led us to the questions like: 

"What do you do?"
"What is your work about?"
"What do you know about the elephants and how is this related to doing?"

Relay-Interview hosted by Jacob Wren / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Pia Lindy & Saara Hannula in Relay-Interview / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Photo: Annuska Dal Maso


Curator Satu Herrala & Producer Elisa Itkonen were wondering when flying on a swing of the Festival Center (created by Paul Neuninger & Verena Holzgethan).

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