Thursday, November 15, 2012

DO TANK in media

Baltic Circle Festival, as well as DO TANK program, was well noticed in media:

Kviss búmm bang interview (live on Thu 8th) on Bassoradio.

Debriefing Session reportage & Dana Yahalomi interview on YLE Radio 1.

Sauna lectures on Global Spotlight in the Nov 2012 issue of American Theatre Magazine.

More articles coming up!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

After DO TANK?

In DO TANK Afternoon we shared the ongoing projects of DO TANK program and the after feelings:

Tuija Kokkonen & Sami Säynevirta: PERFORMANCE AS A MEETING POINT FOR HUMANS AND NON-HUMANS - workshop open moment

Tuija Kokkonen, Sami Säynevirta & Sami's dog Kolja / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Tuija Kokkonen invated us to search for the Non-human / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Katrin Dollinger & Gero Tögl: UTOPIA?!

Gero Tögl & Katrin Dollinger / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

10.11.2012 Dear Katrin,

In Pandora’s Hope, Bruno Latour writes:

“I never act; I am always slightly surprised by what I do. That which acts through me is also surprised by what I do, by the chance to mutate, to change, and to bifurcate…”

This might be one of the lessons Tuija’s workshop participants learn, when they deal with non-humans in their performances (whatever ‘performance’ means in this context)...


Pia Lindy & Annuska Dal Maso: MEDIATIONS AT THE FESTIVAL

Pia Lindy sleeping for Africa / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Pia Lindy and Annuska Dal Maso shared their feelings, images and expressions that rose up from the DO TANK events, encounters, performances and themes.


Jacob Wren led us to the questions like: 

"What do you do?"
"What is your work about?"
"What do you know about the elephants and how is this related to doing?"

Relay-Interview hosted by Jacob Wren / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Pia Lindy & Saara Hannula in Relay-Interview / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso
Photo: Annuska Dal Maso


Curator Satu Herrala & Producer Elisa Itkonen were wondering when flying on a swing of the Festival Center (created by Paul Neuninger & Verena Holzgethan).

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sauna lecture 2 by Barbara Balsei: Just Imagine

Kimmo Helistö & Barbara Balsei / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

We had a little chat with the sauna owner Kimmo Helistö. What did he think about having the DO TANK-lectures in the ARLA-sauna?

Kimmo: It seems that people are clearly interested and open to this kind of happenings. And perhaps the Sauna has this quality of unarming people, you cant really do more than just to be present there.

Today´s lecturer Barbara said nicely after seeing the sauna: "Such a good stage!".
All these sophisticated ways to use the Sauna. The Sauna can be a  diverse source for many things. This is one of the appropriate ways to use the Sauna. And what is also good, is the way of working on a smaller scale. This kind of  small scale events don´t happen too often. Also, they might be hard to find but I think that for those who find them, might have a stronger experience in some ways than from a Bruce Springsteen - concert. These lectures are a good example of  a small event.

Pia: Have you had more events like this? You have art exhibitions here too? Is it the first time you have lectures here?

Kimmo: Not exactly lectures like this, but there has been different kind of cultural things. But again, on a smaller scale - nothing too big or pompous, but in an easy way. The exhibitions we have here at the ARLA-sauna are suggested by the people that come here. There is an easyness which I think is a good thing in these cultural events, that you don´t try too hard.

Pia: Is there something else you´d like to say?

Kimmo: Thanks for all of you who have participated. It is good that there is diversity in organizing theatre and art festivals.

Read/see also our response on Barbaras lecture at our Mediations at the festival blog:

Friday, November 9, 2012

Active silence

Today DO TANK spend a silent day, yet not passive. Our research bodies, Katrin Dollinger, Gero Tögl, Pia Lindy and Annuska Dal Maso are operating the festival through. Tomorrow's sauna lecturer Barbara Balsei arrived to town yesterday and today she invited the busy producer of DO TANK to pause for a while and sleep for Africa with her.

Sleep for Africa / Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Sleep for Africa

Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comment on the Public Movement: Debriefing Session Helsinki

Photo: Annuska Dal Maso

One of them became an agent  
 One of us became an agent
What´s the difference?

Life between performative acts and political agendas
from personal strategies to hierarchical structures
public secrets and collective pressure.
A Finnish woman walks out from a hotel and thinks it was like from a film.
How to understand other peoples realities? Really.