Monday, September 3, 2012

Curator´s statement

What does art do? What does a performative gesture alter in the world? Can art move something without being an instrument for someone else’s movement? What kinds of agencies influence the artistic practice? What happens in the shared space between artistic practice and political activism? Can art give a voice to someone or something? Can art heal? Is art an activity solely for and by humans?

DO TANK is a program and a process, which intends to reflect on the positions of the artist in society by doing things together.

Artist as an activist. Artist as a Utopian. Artist as a mediator. Artist as an agent. Artist as a magician. Artist as a healer. Artist as an obscurer. Artist as an artist.

We exist in a world made up of multiple intelligences, most of which we do not understand. I believe we need art to mediate between what we know and identify with and what we do not, what we consider as the other. In DO TANK we experiment with various ways of encountering other perspectives, connecting with different agencies and establishing dialogue. Sweating together. Resting together. Co-existing. We make performative actions with the intention to do things in the world, not just to describe it. You are most welcome to join the doing – as well as the not-doing.

Satu Herrala

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